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Pedo Stars



Related article: Uploaded, eye contact, (415) 703-8200, 09/05/95 *********************** buttons ******************************* ****** was 18 when I started working as a janitor in a large city hotel. I needed the money for college at the time, and times in the late evening ran smoothly. N After a few weeks, but I switched to service personnel in the room, and I found a way only to have some fun and earn some extra money. Have a I understand, I'm not conceited, but I think I am a handsome guy. Six feet tall, 175 pounds, green eyes, dark hair, and a chiseled jaw, says my mother was able to make a living as a model of. The model that came later, but right now I was happy working at the hotel. You see, sometimes the men do the same proposition me. They are called room service, and see, live with me in my uniform tight, and would make very interested. Many of them were Pedo Stars businessmen on overnighters. Other times, wild conference participants and, sometimes, only one man on the road. Somewanted me to do a striptease, others wanted to blow me, and others wanted to take a night. It was easy, pleasant, and very lucrative. One afternoon, however, stands out as Pedo Stars the best night erotic my life. There were five of them, checking on the suite of the 1069th I for the first time I saw in the lobby, 5 most handsome men, the absolute only leaked sex. In all 20, all in perfect condition, and Pedo Stars all enough for a young man a hard havoc. One of them was blond, blue eyes and very fair. He wore jeans and is a white shirt showing her tanned shoulders and chest hairless. Next was muscular Pedo Stars with dark hair. The big arms and pwerful is a donkey that would not stop. Its substantial lump was evident in the pants wore pleated. To his right, a dark-skinned Latino mysterious dark eyes. To the left of muscular man, a young brown haired man who looked eighteen. It was n in torn jeans and a tough guy leather jacket. You could say it was a flirtation in the league, laughd look over all men in the lobby. It hurts when I lick him, her red lips. So back in the Cowboy, six feet three inches, in jeans, a western shirt and a big hat cowboy, was with a sexy smile just give me a kiss. had sent five men to heaven just came to my hotel, and that's where I prayed for them to order room service. then saw the leather Pedo Stars wrapped one to me. I smiled and flirtatious sent a message that smiled back and winked back. My heart was pounding. I quickly went down to the kitchen to see if s was necessary. Half Pedo Stars an hour passed with nothing, and then my crew chief occurred with a contract. "This has to be absolutely Suite 1069... an order. " I said, pointing to the basket. It was loaded with champagne cream, frothy, berries, and various other things. "I guess that need a break after this," he said knowingly. He knew everything about me Black labor, which did not bother him. He was a good lookig and a robust sense of OCCAsion, turned a few tricks too. " could take a long time, that 's fine. ? He replied. " is a quiet night, you take all the time you need. " So I was there in an instant. A few minutes later, I rang his doorbell and announced that he had no room service. Door opened and there was a Latino. nothing but a towel , drops of water sparkling in the chest brown, hairless, his stomach muscle mass chisled " Room service is here - with a smile n \\ \\. "He smiled and motioned me in When I arrived, I quickly surveyed the room. The cowboy was in the the bed in white underwear, but nothing, the young man who was only to table jeans, muscle man again, in a bathrobe from the closet. I heard the shower running and thought the blonde was in it. the Latin shut the door. " Where am I going to do this," he said waving to the car. " La Mesa " the answer America. the cowboy saw, "is not Brandon, right ? "I broke, I knew, my name is... I was not ready. " A friend of ours has been here a month ago, said, had a good time with a porter named Brandon, who he ? " " Yes, I'm Brandon... Who are you? " I replied that it was will Pedo Stars be very simple. " Call me Kent, our youngest latin lover of jeans Eric is Dave, the man with the muscles full of Danny, and the man the shower is Mark. You see, we have five here, and hopefully to make it six. " " I think I could... " Before I could finish my sentence, I was shell Dave hands around behind me and pull me to him. his whispered in my ear. "I saw you in the lobby, I really want to Pedo Stars fuck... And I know you love me. " I sat back and let my hand grap muscualar his thigh, and No I slowly worked him in the crotch, feeling the cock in the growing anxiety fabric of his pants. " Yes, boy, take me, take me.... " I moaned. Eric, I had the towel, exposing a length of 7 inches uncut cock... myBalls beaten in the light of its long tail. He approached me, and with both hands, opened my pants. I saw the cowboy, that s slowly masturbate under his pants, and muscle man In this case, took off his robe and Kent joined in bed. The muscle man, Danny, had a giant Donkey Dick, 61/2 inch thick and cut, topped by a small triangular patch of hair and surrounded by a huge set of balls. was sitting on the chest Kent let his failure penis near its mouth. Kent, took her free hand and slowly massage Danny 's cock harden. I sat down and massage my body felt Eric Dave... My blood pants were pulled down, and Eric was licking my thighs, my hand boxer, the other closer to Dave. Meanwhile, Dave is running his hands over my chest, releasing the buttons on the jacket of my servant, revelaing my flat chest. I Undon his jeans and had the head of the out his hard cock and rubbed against the back of my shorts, silk boxer. moaned. I increased my touch, a feelingsmall bunch leak precum. "You're a damn that you're not ready for school? " I growled. He responded eagerly by sucking on his neck and rubbing his hands on my stomach. At this point, leaving marks, the blonde, out of the bathroom. It s butt naked and wearing a large 8 - inch hard drive that came to as a knight 's lance. "I was hoping to find here. " The s said and smiled in the grip of two companions. It s looking through the other two gentlemen. Kent was sucking on the tail Danny, long drinks wet his friends Donkey Dick. Marks N, view, move the hard cock of Kent over and neglected, and swallows service personnel with the mouth. moan again. Now my jacket and my pants are down to my the ankle. Dave pushes me to my knees and rises to Eric, his cock now expects inches from my mouth. I ran to the front took him in my mouth and pulled my hands on her firm ass cheeks, his most profound. Eric sigh, and plants his hands on my head like that slowly pumps his rod n inand out of my mouth. At this point, the circle behind Dave Eric , and he pulls his pants and boxers. I realize you have a shaved beautiful 7-inch tail curve is almost piercing in your navel. Spit in your hand, and then smeared on his n cock and gets behind Eric, and how crazy it is fucking with my request for the mouth. Eric is reset and spreads her legs, only temporarily reduced pumping... Dave is now friends inches of his s are waiting for the year, and I feel your cock between the buttocks of Eric cheeks. David then takes his cock and slowly turn it horizontally, in an instant, which dips deeply. Eric groaned aloud and doomed my mouth hard. David begins to stick his cock and grabs me to keep the hips of the two men come to feel now and in perfect routine syncope n. My hard cock sprang own, seminal fluid, as I realize the eroticism total of these three bodies in the confusion of man by man man of passion. I can increase my emergency Eric 's cock good, because I am anxioustheir sperm and the other men desireous in space like. fucking urgent Dave increased, and in no time, my mouth full of cum cream Eric, his penis jerked once, then twice... could not swallow anything down my chin lines, as he will wthdrew of my mouth, another thrust of my splatted his forehead as he walked back. Dave was fucking crazy about Eric lifting off the ground with every movement was powerful. I looked over the bed, just in time to catch a huge load caused Kent in the mouth of Mark and Danny Kent came to the chest in some large white drops sticky. I complained to the sight of so many men to achieve orgasm. Eric David finally relented, n is a pearl - to drop the in the sperm head and drops of sweat on her stomach... was a moment where I have the opportunity to take to remove rest of my clothes. I realize that each of the media is strong interest in my own cock, hard, shiny and straight. Mark is supported by an arm of aND looks into my eyes. "I hope that Do not think that's keeper ? We have plans for you... " walk slowly towards him and sneak into the bed, now I hands and knees. Pedo Stars I hang my head shiny and without saying a word, take it in my mouth. "That 's my boy, sucks, sucks cock...... before the night is over, you have sucked all of us.... " whispers. I bow and let your cock fills my mouth and let fall s his manhood deep in my throat. Then I feel the hand of another man in the ass cheeks, licking his finger in my anus Pedo Stars is working, slowly my hole. A drop of jelly is then smeared on me, and in an instant, I feeling of a big cock slides deep inside me. That stagger forward, surprised in the mass of it in my... Gradually, I let it rest proceed faster and deeper into my ass. Now this man used to tail, I n my ​​attention to prick Mark hardened, which my lips are wrapped imagine. I then enjoy the feeling of cock as a man in the mouth and ass. lovinglythe feeling of being fucked at both ends for two very worthy gentlemen, I moan and my limbs are full of sexually charged energy. In this pont, I'm in heaven, but I know there 's more to it Empire, wait three more for the men hot and horny... *********** END PART I of the murderous **************************
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